Midi notes reading

I found out that Midi Asset is not working in 4.26 and because I wanted to try some things with Quartz and midi I spent sometime coding. I made small class to read some midi files info from blueprint. These are Ticks per quarter (Pulse per Quarter), deltatimes in ticks, NoteOn, NoteOff, and pitch. I am not sure this is good coding but it works somehow. Any emprovements are welcome. GitHub - doudar41/UE4MidiFileReading: This is c++ class that makes Blueprints in UE4 allowing to read essential midi info ticks, notes durations and pitches
Because I need it for specific reason I don’t need to make it read meta messages and controllers but I believe it can be added with little affords.

Need to say that part of code were taken from OneLoneCoder (Javidx9) · GitHub