Midi Maze Remake

And here is another spare time project. :eek:

Some might remember the famous game that was released about 25 years ago on Atari ST. Midi Maze was one of the first first-person multiplayer shooter games.
The computers were connected with a midi ring bus and the 3d graphic was really impressive.

Midimaze 2 added some new elements like doors (yellow walls) and buyable powerups (reflective projectile, map, speedup, …)

Midimaze 2 Video

With the oculus rift on my table, i decided to create a remake of this game.

Everything is in very early stages and more updates will come.

Small Update:

Wow looks amazing man! And yes I loved that game!!
I love re-makes of old Atari/Commodore64 games!
Keep us up to date :slight_smile:


A little fun fact:
The 68000 in the Atari has 1 MIPS (no FPU, so comparison is not that easy). My new GTX 970 has now 3,5 TFLOPS.
If we assume that 1 instruction maps to ~1 flop, we have a factor of 3.5 million and we are in the order of one 68000 per pixel.

This evening, i played around with another idea.
I think i found a new place to construct a maze.

Just finished the art style prototype of the next map:

Looking great so far DaEmpty! I am really excited to see how this project turns out. Keep up the great work!

At the moment, i’m playing around with some clouds.
Not completely satisfied yet, but the performance is beyond expectations (aka fast enough to use it with the oculus rift).

Maze in the Sky:

Maze Noir:

Really nice! As far as I can remember, it was released on some consoles. Love the minimalistic (but rich in effects) design - once again, it’s a proof that indie games don’t have to be pixel-arty to be true to the original.

I’m not an artist, so the clean and minimalistic design helped a lot. :wink:
It’s amazing how good “programmer art” looks in this engine.

The next environment: