Midi device disconnect Help


I try to learn how to connect my midi device ( got Akai MidiMix and APCkey25 ) to UE4 and control scene with it.
Till now I can manage get working midi controller in UE4 ( controlling intensity of one point light ) but I get some error and I cant get fix it.
When I run game midi working but after 20 or 50 seconds it stops sending signal. I try also to replace midi device but it still get this kind of error.

So my problem is that my midi after 20 - 30 sec stop working.

Can some one help me with this.

Midi Controller Blueprint
[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Midi Controller Blueprint”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“data-tempid”:“temp_186629_1584962084461_78”,“title”:“01_blueprint.jpg”}[/ATTACH];base64

Detail of blueprint




Midi connection
error text

The trick is to store it as a variable, in some blueprint that exists in the level!

Hi thank you for answer I record video - i add variables but nothing happen

Hmm, I timed it and it happened exactly 61 seconds after beginning play, so pretty sure it’s garbage collection. I still don’t understand why though, as you do store the variable! That should be enough? hmmmmmm

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yes you are right. I set “time between purging” on 10 ans when I hit play its stops after this 10 seconds. But when i set it on 0 its working with no problem.

Hi, were you able to solve this? I am having the same problem (Midi controller set as variable, after about 50/55 seconds it stops working), I guess It’s caused by garbage collection but I can’t really figure how to stop this behaviour.