Midi controller for IOS UE4-27

Hi everyone,
I’m currently working on a little app, regarding education of childrens about playing piano.

I’ need to package the app on IPAD pro, and obviously need to use the midi controller plugin.

As I tried alot of thing nothing worked for me, having a detection of my midi keyboard (AKAI LPK25) on mobile.
In editor, everything works properly, but as soon as it’s packaged, the app crashes when it comes to find midi controllers.

Here is what I tried to do:

  • Identified the FindAllMidiController nodeof my blueprint being the reason of the crash.
  • Packaged for IOS & Android with UE5, UE4.27, currently downloading 4.21 for test purposes.
  • Tried to change the blueprint to use another node finding my controller
  • Even tought about using Unity to do it, but really not a fan of this idea…
  • Bought the “VirtualMidiKeyboard” on marketplace but no luck neither (it uses Midi plugin but I wasn’t aware of the issue at the time)

It seems that the issue isn’t solvable for packaging on mobile right now, but do you guys have a workaround for that ?

I really need to make it work on IOS IPAD, it’s mandatory unfortunately !

Thanks in advance for the time you’ll give me !