Middle Mouse Button Input Action fires both pressed and released when clicked

When trying to use the middle mouse wheel Input action to open a menu in game, (pressing opens a menu and releasing closes that menu) the input action fires both pressed and released at the same time.

Hello SethSalts,

Can you post a screenshot of the blueprint where this is happening? I just attempted to test to see if they are indeed being triggered at the same time using Print String nodes to output Pressed and Released respectively but they seem to be working correctly. The issue may lay elsewhere but I’ll be happy to help you find it.

The Input action Context Menu it the Middle mouse button input, I pressed and held the button down and as soon as i pressed it one fired then the other right after.

Thank you for posting the picture of the blueprint. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like that’s where the problem lies. Is it possibly a problem with your mouse itself? Mine is properly waiting until I release the button to trigger the Released event. Would it be possible to test with another mouse?

Yes i have tested it with several mice around the office and to no avail. we are current using the shooter game frame work for our game could that have anything to do with it

That was one of the first thing i checked because i thought it was the input breaking it but its still fires both

Can you attempt using the Middle Mouse Button event rather than the input event you have set up to ensure that the issue is not there?

I should’ve asked before, but what operating system are you using? It could be an OS specific issue which would explain why I’m not having it occur.

I’ll need some more time to look into why this could be happening but in the meantime, could you try upgrading to either 4.9.2 or 4.10 (Not the project itself, just make a new simple project) to see if the issue still occurs there? Otherwise, to make sure that the issue is with the input events themselves, can you try middle-clicking in the main editor viewport and dragging the mouse around to see if you begin panning only vertically and horizontally (not moving foward/backwards)? This is identical to the behavior you receive when holding both left and right mouse buttons.

I’m using windows 7

ok yea ill try that out

so trying it in a different 4.8 project that used the third person template it work the way it should so i think it might have to be something in shooter game that if making it fire off both

Inside of Shooter Game, in 4.9.2, I added a Middle Mouse Button event inside of the PlayerPawn blueprint since the player controller seems to only be in C++. I did the same print string setup and was still having the Pressed and Released events triggering separately.

ok well i get in contact with our engineer and see if he can debug it to see if maybe some change in the script changed something

We haven’t heard from you in a while, SethSalts. Have you had any luck finding the problem with your middle mouse button bindings? If not, please let me know if there have been any updates. In the meantime, I’ll be marking this as resolved for tracking purposes.