Middle Click on tabs moves the window

Not sure if this is technically a bug, but I hope it is because it’s super annoying.

When you middle click on a tab, it will move your whole Unreal window from a secondary monitor onto the primary monitor.

The expected action is for it to close the tab, which is what it does on most apps (like any browser).

If not that, at the least it shouldn’t do something as weird as moving the entire window over to your other monitor.

Whoops. I found the problem. I’m using Display Fusion, and it overrides middle click to move windows to the next monitor. Sorry about that!

Hello summitch,

I’ve attempted to reproduce your issue, but when I middle-clicked on the tabs, it did not move my Unreal Window to my primary monitor. Does this happen in every project, or just your current project? Do you have any unusual settings that could potentially be causing this issue? Is there any more information you could provide that may help me in trying to reproduce your issue? Thank you.

Thanks for that post, I would have never found out that it was my Display Fusion doing that. I’m not sure why that shorcut is enabled, it’s pretty annoying and not something I would expect.

The setting to change is under Window Management: “Enable window caption bar middle-clicking to move windows to the next monitor”