Microsoft's Expression Encoder 4 screen recorder ...

Hi everyone,

I discovered Encoder 4 and its 10 min of recording with free license.
Quality is actually really good at higher settings.
Just wondering about frame drop.
It seems to step a little.
Anyone had the same issue and have a solution?

I have a test video here:

After a few tests here are the settings I liked the most.
When I screen recorded I did that at 60 fps in stead of 30 fps.
That got rid of the stepping or frame drop effect.

I’ve been hearing about it, its a scrren capture program right???

Yes and I got really good results from it. Very happy :slight_smile:

Neat might try it out, currently using the bb flashback program.

They stopped this product right? Not the free version but the paid one (Expression Pro)

Not sure if they stopped it I did notice they slashed the price in half.
So it probably wasn’t selling too well.
Probably because the price was too high.
I am getting very good results on the higher end settings though.
But you really have to dig into the settings kinda like Adobe Encoder with Premiere.
I can see its probably not too easy to figure out for the average user.
Looks and sounds really great though once you up the bitrate and key frame settings.
You have to play around with different encoding algorithms too and see which one gives best result.
So it takes a few tests to get best results :slight_smile: