Microsoft Visual C++ problem?

Recently I have tried to run a packaged project in a computer without M. Visual C++, and the project does not runs. The game is running perfectly in my computer. So … what can i do if i want to run my game in a computer without M. Visual C++ installed?

Thanks you guys.

You don’t need Visual C++ to run a packaged game.

Can you give us a screenshot of the error you received when you tried to run the packaged project. Can you also give us the steps you followed to package your project.

We are going to need a little more information in order to be able to help you. Thanks.

And for the package. File/Package project/windows/windows64
In Project setting i used Development in the build configuration. Use packfile enabled, and prerequisites enabled too.

Screen from the package options:

Ah … when you packaged your game you should have ended up with a file like the below:


These are the pre-requiste files you need to run a UE4 game on a PC. Most of the time people have these files already and are not prompted. Clicking “Si” in your screenshot should install these pre-requisites. If it doesn’t work … find the file and install it manually and then attempt to run your game.

This should work. 8-}

Exe file found.

Thanks you.