Microsoft UWP Unreal fails to launch on UWP device

Guys, I’ve just started using Micrsoft’s forkof UE4 with Universal Windows Platform support. My goal is to write some working sample game for Microsoft HoloLens with Unreal Engine.

Since I haven’t found any documentations about how to use MICROSOFT_UWP_UNREAL, I thought that probably I need to change “options for launching on a device” from the editor and select “Launch the game on this Universal Windows Platform device”, right? So when I’ve tried to launch the project from “Project Launcher”, I got the following error:

Can someone help to understand why I’m getting these errors?


P.S. Related UWP: I’ve enabled developer mode on my windows 10 device and downloaded HoloLens emulator which launchesfrom Visual Studio and works fine.

Your image unfortunately cuts off the most useful lines of the error output :).

At a guess, you may be failing at the step that generates the manifest and resources (tile images, splash screen, etc.) for your app. Make sure that you go into Project Settings and fill out a Project Name and Description for your app on the Description page, and provide a full set of images on the Platforms - UWP page.

There’s some good information on getting started with this fork scattered around Unreal Engine 4 is available for Win10 UWP app dev now - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums.