Microsoft surface pro 4

Hi dear i want buy microsoft surface pro 4 with processor core m3 and 4gb ram windows 10 pro intel hd graphic video card …
Can unreal engine 4 work in it ?

Surface Pro 4 is not good as a game development computer. UE4 development requires a high-end dedicated graphics card. It can be possible to create a game that runs on lower hardware but development doesn’t really work that way.

i have high-end desktop for unreal engine used for architecture visualization but i want microsoft surface pro just for modeling and Arrangement scene in unreal and rendering low resolusion scene after that i will transform all the project to desktop it can run it ?

No, Like I said, the Surface Pro 4 is not designed to run 3D things well. If you want something that does, there are laptops at a comparable price that will have a better GPU

thanks for your information