Microsoft Hololens


The game dev possibilities are going to explode out of our screens!

Teal’c raises his eye brow and speaks the magic word: INDEEEED. :smiley:

This is assuming they’ll deliver on the promise. It’s not like they really delivered with Kinect…

they mentioned ue4 and directx12 in the gaming segment before the hololens was revealed

Looks awesome. Hopefully it wont be so expensive :smiley:

There is no cheap hardware yet that can deliver what they prerendered for this ad. Great FX job indeed but nothing more.

Even something as simple as just occulus rift but with higher display resolution, is not that simple to create. Just look at occulus troubles with making it.

And ms on top of that want to add high definition camera that is stabilized well enough that user can actually wear googles and walk. Also that revolutionary stabilized HD camera is cheap and can work in low light rooms.
Then you have precise kinect that is hidden in bracelet and can read finger motions.

Yes indeed totally no sarcasm here. I think this all is doable for under 200$ per unit, we should have first units in shops in 2016 or so.

Lazy people just got lazier :slight_smile:

People make out that this is super-cool, it really is. But what is the point?

We know by now that from concept to production A LOT will change. But even then, what’s the real point? Do you REALLY need Skype on your Fridge as opposed to on your computer screen? Does you game automatically become better because you can see it on your table? Does this really benefit anything?

Even with their “You can even spin models around in real life!” - Yeah, that sounds cool. But what’s the benefits? You’ll have to look away from your PC screen, send the 3D file over to the glasses or whatever just to look at it, go back to the 3D modelling program and make the changes. All of this as opposed to using Alt + Mouse? Yeah, it’s cool but what’s the real point? It’s more of a hinderence then a help.

Even if they promised to edit 3D models in real space, Imagine trying to edit a single vert on a 12000k sphere with your finger. Yeah, that’d be fun!

I don’t know why but it really bugs me that people aren’t thinking logically about it. I mean with everything that’s come before this (Remember the 3DS? How about the iPhone?) When trying to simulate 3D objects in the real world, it constantly spazes out as it’s constantly trying to stay in the same place in the real world (Even though your head / hands / the camera is constantly jerking).

It’s really cool but when you think about it but: Do you REALLY need it? Will it make your PC experience better? Probably not.

I’m sceptical until I see it in action. People around the Internet make out it can cure cancer, re-open and solve the Kurt Cobain case and put an end to Ebola and give eternal youth.

Obviously, it’s not going to do any of that but I guess we’ll just have to see what it DOES do when it eventually launches for a ridiculous amount of money.

While it’s a self-contained device, I’m sure it will have the option to link to your computer, it will certainly do that with the Xbox, so you could have a situation where you’re working on your computer and able to see 3D objects using the glasses at the same time. I don’t think the precision is enough for doing stuff like modeling, but for animating I could see it working extremely well, being able to pose characters extremely fast and not needing the precision of moving around specific vertices.

As compared to the Augmented Reality of mobile stuff for things like 3DS and iPhone, this is designed to work much better than those things. Compare it more to the Oculus VR, where it has a very high quality motion sensor so that it moves with your head very well.

Just like VR, this isn’t necessarily a way to play current games, but you could design new games that specifically take advantage of what it can do and be really fun. And there’s a ton of practical uses if they get it to a good price running well and a good size.

Is it? how does it get the user interaction, when not using a PC?

It has a CPU, GPU and an additional chip, completely wireless. It has what looks like two Kinect type sensors on the front that it uses both to get hand movements and to track motion and map 3D. Though if it integrates with Xbox it will have to stream content from the Xbox since it won’t have enough power for games.

HoloLens is actually a whole computer. It has no wires and does not need connection to PC. It features high-definition lenses and sounds that relate to position so you can view and hear Holograms. It has advanced sensors plus Holographic Processing Unit and is capable of processing terabytes of data from the sensors in real-time.

I’ll believe it when I get my own hands on one.

We will have to see how good it will integrate in the new win 10 ecosystem. If it does it well you will find a lot of useful new use-cases for it. If it doesn’t it will be only useful for some special applications - i guess that’s not ms intend.

Be realistic, there is no hardware now that can do this in realtime and be small enough to fit in glasses. They advertise augmented reality while we still struggle with something as simple as decent 3d googles. We do not have displays that are small and can show hd image per eye, well we are almost there with 4k. What they show on this rendered ad, is more like 10-15 years in future, maybe then.

I would love in MS did some quality version of occulus. Ie. with higher resolution and more market ready. That would be just great. MS always had good hardware division compared to their software.

I don’t think they’re that far off, or they wouldn’t have shown it or developed support for it in Windows 10, but from what I understand the demos they did had the hardware wired to a computer, so I don’t think they’ve solved the issue of actually getting all of the hardware into just the headset, but they have to have a plan.

They showed off Project Natal in mid-2009, but it took another two and a half years before it was Kinect and on shelves. Six years later they still haven’t really delivered on what they promised :wink:

Kinect came out a little more than a year after it was first shown as Project Natal

I don’t think we’re going to see Hololens this year, but it’s going to be here a whole lot sooner than 10-15 years.

And it was terrible compared to how they presented it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what happens here also.

Imagine scanning your whole house and make it “haunted” with holographic ghosts and monsters and there are items randomly placed in your house.

This would be a new level of “EPIC”! :smiley: