Microsoft has recently acknowledged there's a bug in Windows affecting UE4 C++ development

This happened on May 19, 2015.

In short, this bug only affects workstation setups where there’s both an integrated and dedicated NVidia graphics cards. Usually, it would be on gaming laptops with dedicated NVidia cards, such as Alienware 13 (in my case), Lenovo (with red keyboard lights), etc.

Because Windows do not allow Visual Studio to use dedicated NVidia hardware, you cannot use Visual Studio 2013 to run hardware acceleration. This also means SDL, DirectX, OpenGL, UE4, other libraries/engines that uses hardware acceleration with Visual Studio IDE integration will not run at expected performances from a dedicated graphics card. There is a workaround, but still, it is great to have this bug acknowledged.

Funny to see that Optimus is not pain in back part only for Linux :stuck_out_tongue: (which is cause of famous “f you nvidia” by Linus)

I suppose there always has to be that weird system part that conflicts with something…sigh