Microsoft attempting to skew GameJam results and handicap UE4 users.


I was at a gameJam a bit over a year ago and gameJam participants gained an extra 25% to their score for their entries if they published their games to the windows store. I thought it was slightly unethical but I didn’t really worry about it because I thought it was limited to a single local gameJams in my area, however when I mentioned this on another forum other people started saying microsoft had been using that same tactic in a few different countries.

Similarly the monthly UE4 gameJam rules request that games be made available for the windows platform even though UE4 can develop on and publish to several platforms, including the browser. I wont ramble on about it, but there is clearly quite a lot that Epic could do here at home to reduce windows dependence.

I dont think there is any hidden conspiracy with this one, it just happens to be the primary OS that most of the Epic devs would be using, so makes it easier for them to test the GameJam games, rather than having to worry about having the right OS’s to play the games.

Linux only would make for an interesting game-jam theme at some point… :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is that that particular gamejam was sponsored by Microsoft so it would make sense for them to push people to support their platform.

They did this at the last game jam I participated in also; you got extra marks for the game running on a Windows phone.

As for Epic’s jams - the Windows requirement is there so that judges can actually test it. You can probably get away with other devices (particularly browsers, though it would still be effectively running in Windows in that case) if you ask in advance. I could see Android devices being eligible (but the problem there is the broad spectrum of Android devices).

It’s not unreasonable if they are the ones running the jam to encourage people to target their platform.

As for judging, it’s just convenience having a single platform. Pretty sure most UE4 devs are most familiar with targeting Windows too…

Yea, that’s quite normal for a jam which is sponsored by a certain company. I participated on two Microsoft jams and both jams had the rule that your project needs to be related to Microsoft (Using Windows as your platform was the easiest way to follow the rule). Using exclusively Apple products on a Microsoft jam would be like using Unity on an Unreal jam.