Microsoft 3D Builder with UE4

Hello everyone.
I am a beginner of game engines and I’m want create city map.
I using 3D Builder program from Microsoft store to construct single and easy buildings.
Today I start modeling road.
I exported as a ‘3MF’ format.
When I wanted drag and paste to UE4 I get error that it can’t be imported because file ‘format isn’t support’
So I used online converter to save as ‘Obj’ format but in the UE4 it doesn’t save information like:

  1. Material/color
  2. Geometry

Anyone know how to fix it?

You could make that in UE4 with brushes

Or use Blender, I don’t recommend using such a basic program like that.

Blender 2.8 is powerful and completely free.
Use Blender to create your buildings.

Once you have a static mesh to import in to UE4, I suggest using code to instantiate buildings in a grid. It’s actually super simple to do.