Microphone's audio to float


Version Unreal 4.23.1

What I’m trying to do is: capture the audio (already auto activated) from the microphone, get the sound (audio envelope?) and get the value. It’s isn’t working. Windows says Unreal is using the microphoone, so it’s working. Envelope value is always zero.

Also tried the “AudioCurveSource”.

I want something like:

player isn’t talking float = 0 and player is talking float = 1

I tried this also, but didn’t work:…ck-start-guide

yo there are examples in this project!

Thank you Arthur! :smiley:
I’m downloading the Unreal 4.25 and I will probably upgrade my project to this version too.

ArthurBarthur, your project is great!

I tried to upgrade my project from 4.23 to 4.25, but I have a lot of bugs, however the audio capture works on 4.25 in my project and works on your project also.
After spending some time now I know why it wasn’t working on my project (4.23 version).

I did this:

Searched for the file:

E:\UE_4.23\Engine\Config\Windows then openned the “WindowsEngine” file and added this line of code:

; Defining below allows switching to audio mixer using -audiomixer commandline

; Defines a platform-specific volume headroom (in dB) for audio to provide better platform consistency with respect to volume levels.

It’s working!!! :smiley: Very nice!

Now I can do what I want: move the morph targets using the microphone!