Microphone input on mobile (iOS and Android)


For a project we are working on we require to measure the audio amplitude captured by the device’s mic in realtime. I’m aware of the AudioCapture plugin, which does exactly that, but so far only on Windows. Time is of an essence so before investing it in adding the iOS and Android audio capture implementations to the AudioCapture plugin, I was wondering if anyone knows of a faster way of achieving this using readily available engine capabilities or a third party plugin.


Up, why no one is answering :smiley: , its so demanding

hi! did you found a way to access microphone input in iOS ? thx

No. We dropped the idea since it seemed to require more extensive development. This functionality probably had to be implemented using native iOS API calls inside a C++ class and channel the audio buffer into Unreal’s audio path (using the new audio system). The audio capture example already present in Unreal (working only on Windows, I believe) is a good starting point. It just needs the iOS specific audio capture part and we don’t have currently the time to invest in it, mostly because we need Android support too,

I dont know why Epic games ignoring this feature all the time, even when we able to find a way out through VOIP and get the voicecapture data , UE4 fail to shutdown the AudioRecord() driver correctly when you close the app on android , which lead you cant recieve the input when you start the app once again unless you disable the microphone permission again manually to force reset it.

On this link you will find the solution u want . codes are included

while here is the bug report that epic games shifted to 4.22 instead of 4.21 .

I hope someone from epic games just give this a shot , at least anyway around .

Any chance you will wrap it into nice plugin for UE4 with full exposure to BP and sell it on the Marketplace? :slight_smile: I wish Epic cared more for Android, but since we don’t have support for mic input on Android in 2019, it seems that Epic feel that there is no need for it and I don’t expect to see support for mic input on Android in 4.23 either.

Any chance this has been resolved for iOS and Android yet?


You can use this plugin for getting the raw Pcm data on Android and iOS and PC.

You can use this plugin for voice chat, it works Cross-platform on Windows, Android, iOS. It works on both no session based game and session based game.

You can do global, team and proximity voice chat.
It is optimized with the usage of opus codec,
and you can choose microphone sampling rate and number of channels, you can also get the raw Pcm data of microphone input.

as of 2021 sep, UE 4.27 this issue has not been resolved on the android side (i have not tested yet on ios side).

April 2022, UE5. Can´t seem to natively access my smartphone’s Mic as well.


:sleepy: 2023.4 AudioCapture still not work on iPhone

Hey, just in case it’s still relevant, here’s an open source plugin that can operate with the microphone using capturable sound waves, which should work fine on both iOS and Android (I’ve written a custom implementation for them because the engine has several issues related to that).