MGS Shadow Moses - Docks


Getting a grasp on UE4 with a remake of the fantastic intro scene to Metal Gear Solid: Shadow Moses, the docks. I intend it to be playable in the end, but only to the activation of the elevator (for those who know the gameplay).
A good way for me to get to know the engine and the aspects around it (particles, sequences, animation, etc).

I’m staying true to the original shadow moses, and not the other remake (no idea what it’s called, or in which game it appears).
At the moment I’m working on structural meshes, and I will begin work on the forklift after that. Going to create a more detailed (universal) rock mesh that I’ll be using to get some more structure to the cave ( much like the “effects” demo ).

Here are a few screenshots of the progress so far:

Looking forward to start detailing! Still needs more structural meshes and the forklift, but it’s getting there :wink:


shadow moses!! love it, goodluck. :cool:

Very cool, looking almost like the actual game. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I re-made nearly all of shadow moses in cryengine and then my hard drive died and was beyond repair :frowning: (Backup your work i think the message is here haha!)

Nice to see more people have an interest in it! Great work! Looking forward to the forklift… :wink:

its looking very nice, cant wait to see the updates! Good job!

Very cool, excited to see a video once it is further along. :slight_smile: GJ!

Can’t wait!! Good work!

Wow! Looks awesome! Brings back some memories. Make sure to keep us updated as you proceed.

looks awesome

i like the idea, good luck !

This is awesome!
I expect success of this project.