Mfi Controllers SteelSeries Stratus

I intend to release a local multiplayer (up to 4 players) casual iOS game with Unreal 4 using the SteelSeries Stratus MFi Controller
and i need to know if it is possible at this time and if not when/how much I have to wait until it is implemented.
I really need to know because at the moment I can do it with Unity but I prefer to use Unreal 4.

hi again,does Unreal 4 support iOS 7 MFi Controller or not?

if a simple and good question like this can not be answered by the head of iOS forum ( if there is one )
I wonder how it would be with questions about more complex iOS Native features…
not to mention that everyone here wants to use the BEST ENGINE to create the BEST iOS GAME but at the same time no one is interested in the best of all iOS gaming features which is MFi controllers and the worst > " certainly do not know why "
well…that’s why you test and analyzes everything before thinking about paying a monthly subscription.

Hi Lcardjr,

I’m sorry to report that MFI controllers are not supported right now. I’ll make sure this gets added to our backlog but it isn’t a very high priority right now. If you need it in the short term, the integration points of interest would probably be FIOSInputInterface and its interaction with FIOSView and FIOSApplication; we’d be happy to work with you to get it integrated back into the engine and maintain it long term.

You should also be able to work on a game planning out your touch interfaces without support for it right now, as any games that support the MFI controller must also work without it according to the Apple guidelines (About Game Controllers). You could mock up how the gamepad support will work using the regular gamepad inputs and a PC gamepad in the editor, as any integration will route into the normal input system (EKeys::Gamepad_FaceButton_Left, etc…).

Michael Noland

Hi Michael,
and thanks for answering!
create the gameplay with virtual thumbstick which is mandatory and with the PC gamepad in the editor
is what I intend to do while the MFi Controller is not available ( hopefully not too long )

another question:
according to the roadmap > gameplay
it seems is not yet possible to create a local multiplayer game,correct?
the description says (ie at the same computer) BUT does not mention “touch device” nor “split screen”
when Local multiplayer support is available can I create 2/4 player “splitscreen game on iOS devices”?

Local multiplayer is certainly possible at the moment. There are settings in the Project Settings under Maps and Modes to specify whether to use splitscreen or a single shared viewport. The trello card that you’re referencing represents improvements in the API to make local multiplayer easier to initialize and interact with from Blueprints.

I’ll be quite honest that splitscreen on an iOS device is not something I’ve tried to date. In theory, the basics should just work I would think, but there are going to be complications you’ll have to work out with it, not the least of which is mapping the touch input to the appropriate player controller based on what part of the viewport is being pressed and handling when someone drags their touch between viewports. All that work would need to be done in a UGameViewportClient subclass by overriding InputTouch.

Hi guys,

I’ve been looking into using input plugins (IInputInterfaceModule, IInputDevice) for iOs and at the moment it appears that FIOSApplication as opposed to FWindowsApplication doesn’t poll the extra plugin devices. I haven’t yet had the time to dig deeper, but if that’s the only issue I could easily patch it.

What I would like to ask is: would there be any extra requirements for iOS input plugins than there are for Windows? Also, if I actually manage to make this happen, how would I go about pushing this to you guys?

Extra details: I’m approaching this from the perspective of making a plugin that generates input according to a script for the purpose of automated testing; this is intended to be cross-platform.

We’ve gone ahead and patched this in, and submitted a pull request - as discussed here Pull Request: Input Plugin support for iOS/OSX - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums
Hopefully it will get integrated soon-ish.

Hey! does somebody hear me??

I’m making MFI plugin and having problem with launching|packaging.
Basically launched|packaged game will outputs “LogModuleManager:Warning: ModuleManager: Module ‘iOSMFI’ not found - its StaticallyLinkedModuleInitializers function is null.” and not working completely.
I have tried both MyProject/Plugins/ and Engine/Plugins/ directories to put the plugin.

Is there anything that I’m missing now??

gamepad support for all platforms ( including mobile ) but iOS is completely ignored. cool!

I have made a pullrequest to add MFI support to engine!!
I hope Epic people will perceive soon.

And massive thanks to radu.danciu for modification earlier!!

Are there any updates on MFi support in the engine already?

Yes, we added support when we added support for tvOS (so it’s been in for awhile).