MFi controller support / SteelSeries Nimbus controller

Hello everyone,

anyone know if the MFi controllers are supported? I might buy one very soon but want to know if my iOs game works with them or not.

I see a lot of topics that are requesting it but those are over 10 months to 1 year old, so was just wondering if it’s working right now. I know there’s a third party plugin to download, but just wondering if it’s possible right now without the plugin.

Thanks in advance

Does seriously nobody knows this?

still no info anywhere but yes it defiantly does now after a recent update.
you’ll need a 360 controller to set up for the editor, as MFI does not work with the editor but when packaged and installed on an iOS device MFI works with very similar mapping.

Okay, it’s been two years - MFI controllers work with UE4?