México map - Overwatch style

I want to share my new project, an environment using the Overwatch style inspired by Mexico city, Guadalajara and Guanajuato.
This is the blocking on wich I have been working this past days and I will be showing here my process, I hope you enjoy it and as always critics and comments are welcome. (:

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Update: here are some progress I made this week. I modified the blocking distribution a bit and I added the facades of some buildings made modularly.
I will continue testing and I will create more pieces to give more variety to the buildings.

The advances of these days:
Finally I did the blocking of the quisco and the facade of the church I also did the interior of the canteen to give me an idea of the proportions and position of the objects and I realized that I missed putting what would be the bar of the canteen, I need to correct that.
I was also experimenting with lighting, change the sky and sunlight, and add some lights to the lamps to have more of the atmosphere I imagine.

In the following days I will make corrections in the modular walls and leave the final mesh of the buildings. And I’ll start testing tileable textures.

UPDATE :smile:

Hey HanyVT!

I’m so amazed at seeing the development of your map in this thread. I’d shower you with compliments over the beautiful lighting, delicate details in your pagoda, or the vibrancy of colors you chose but that would be a bit corny, wouldn’t it? :sunglasses:

All jokes aside, you’ve done a truly wonderful job and I’m truly honored to be able to see it from its beginning stages.

Keep up the phenomenal work! :slight_smile:
Lots of support to you~