México map - Overwatch style

I want to share my new project, an environment using the Overwatch style inspired by Mexico city, Guadalajara and Guanajuato.
This is the blocking on wich I have been working this past days and I will be showing here my process, I hope you enjoy it and as always critics and comments are welcome. (:


Update: here are some progress I made this week. I modified the blocking distribution a bit and I added the facades of some buildings made modularly.
I will continue testing and I will create more pieces to give more variety to the buildings.


The advances of these days:
Finally I did the blocking of the quisco and the facade of the church I also did the interior of the canteen to give me an idea of the proportions and position of the objects and I realized that I missed putting what would be the bar of the canteen, I need to correct that.
I was also experimenting with lighting, change the sky and sunlight, and add some lights to the lamps to have more of the atmosphere I imagine.

In the following days I will make corrections in the modular walls and leave the final mesh of the buildings. And I’ll start testing tileable textures.

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UPDATE :smile:


Hey HanyVT!

I’m so amazed at seeing the development of your map in this thread. I’d shower you with compliments over the beautiful lighting, delicate details in your pagoda, or the vibrancy of colors you chose but that would be a bit corny, wouldn’t it? :sunglasses:

All jokes aside, you’ve done a truly wonderful job and I’m truly honored to be able to see it from its beginning stages.

Keep up the phenomenal work! :slight_smile:
Lots of support to you~

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Forgive me for the delay in answering.
Thank you very much for your comments, it really motivates me a lot that others appreciate my work.
There is a lot of work ahead, but I think it is going in a good direction (:

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In this week I made corrections to the modular walls and I created Blueprints of the buildings in Unreal. I also started with texture and material testing.


The weapon in first person.

Color reference for buildings


Another update on my project,
I´ve been working on the Cantina, Quisco and with lights.


Órale! I started started from the beginning of this thread and have come to admire your progress up until now, @HanyVT !

I haven’t played any of the Overwatch games before, but I can definitely see the inspiration in your build! Overwatch is known for its colorfulness and you, my friend, are blazing a trail of beautiful vibrancy!

Will you be creating your own weapons meshes? Is this your first project using the Unreal Engine? What has been the most challenging part of this project for you?

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Sorry for the delay in answering and thank you for taking the time to see my project.
Also thanks for your comments, I’m still a long way from getting to the level of Overwatch, but it’s a good start.
Yes, I’m going to recreate the weapon of one of the characters of OW (Reaper) in a version like the weapons of the Narcos, made of gold and with many details engraved.

I’ve done a couple of projects in Unreal 4, this is the first project in Unreal 5.
The more challenging part has been the dimension of the project, it is the first time I make a complete map with several props, it needs a lot of organization.

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Uploading: 02_EdificioGobierno_UVs.jpg…

Uploading: Bookmark_02.jpg…

Uploading: Bookmark_04.jpg…

Uploading: Bookmark_06.jpg…

Uploading: Screenshot_02.jpg…


This week I have been working on correcting topology, creating UVs and texturing some buildings.


Hi @HanyVT !

You have chosen the most beautiful textures! The lighting is unparalleled! This is gorgeous! The detailed columns, the reflections on the lampposts - everything is coming together amazingly well! Despite this being your first time making a complete map of your own, you are doing a splendid job! What inspired you to choose Mexico for your project?


Thank you very much for your comments (:
Since this is for my Master project (in video game Design and Development) I have deadlines and that is whay I made things more quickly. But I intend to continue and perfect this project, because I feel that I can do several things better but because of the time limit, at the moment, I cant as I would like.

I am Mexican, thats why I chose to be inspired in different cities of the Mexican Republic, since it is something I know and Im familiar with.

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Update of the week
I made the final version of the model and began to texture it in Painter, based on the weapons of the Narcos in Mexico, very ostentatious, with details in gold. Most of the details are handmade and others with alphas.


Hey there @HanyVT,

Glad to see more of your work!

This weapon looks spectacular and hopefully, we get to see it in motion soon. The lengths you’ve gone to add this much detail are truly awe-inspiring. How long did it take you to create this masterpiece?

PS: The griffin theme is also just absolutely stunning. :heartpulse:


Hi HanyVT!

Thank you so much for sharing these latest screenshots! The grass and tree looks very impressive, as well as your Narcos-inspired weapon - very detailed and beautifully designed!

Even though this is your first time making a complete map, you are doing a spectacular job! As a part of your project, will you be rigging a character model in the style of Overwatch?

Would you like large-scale large-scale coverage of Mexico City to provide context for your detailed models? I can provide what we call TQ4 (Tile Quality 4).

Here is a short article about our Tile Quality.