Metropolis Pack

Greetings fellow UE4 devs, we’ve started a project to build an entire city with most of the general contents you’d find in one. So far we’ve got some general props meant to bring life to a city. Check them out at:

This is the 3rd part we worked on and contains small and medium-sized assets for an urban environment, meant to complement the other previously-released packs.

This is the 2nd part we developed. It was optimized for in-game use and features an additional emissive map for each mesh.

This is the 1st pack in the series and has already undergone major changes to better suit the role it is catering to: color variations were reduced and more work was added to texture streamlining as well as some modularity tweaks to the meshes themselves.

Our current Roadmap is as following:

  • A warehouse district with warehouse buildings variations and most of the general content you’d find inside.
  • A metro area with both surface and underground railways and most of the content you’d find in such places.
  • A port side area with most of the content you’d find in such places
  • Residential and central areas buildings with both open and closed ones and varying details you’d find in such places

Most of these packs will contain a certain degree of modularity to help each user create their own unique design. We might add more things to our roadmap all of which will culminate in a grand pack aside from their standalone versions.Thank you for reading!