Metropolis City Showcase Project

Hello. We are Xloop, Turkey based interactive application development studio. Our team developing different kind of applications. One of these applications in this post: “Metropolis City Showcase”. We are contributing to MIPIM real estate fair for 3 years. There are 20.000 participants every year in France/Cannes.

“Metropolis” is our main product for presenting cities and most biggest architectural areas prestigiously with new generation real-time graphics. This project is our first MIPIM experience with Unreal Engine. Before we used different kind of presentation techniques and finally we decided to develop our projects in Unreal Engine.

What we did in Metropolis application?

10 different recreational, industrial, housing and touristic projects of Balıkesir city
Wireless communication between tablet and PC application for videowall control
100% real 3d topography of Balıkesir city generated from NASA’s SRTM
Touch screen version of videowall application
Instant switching between projects continously and interactively
First person mode for all projects

Please share your comments. Thank you.