Metro crowd AI


I’m trying to set up AI for crowd at the metro station. A few guys should go to the platform -> stop at the waypoint facing the train -> wait -> enter the train after the doors open -> sit and wait inside.

The basic logic is working, however I have trouble with collision and path finding. Currently NPCs seem not to see the train - they just bump at it and push forward to get to the waypoint inside the train.

Any tips how to approach this? The train is not a blueprint, it’s a SkeletalMeshActor. I’ve tried to change nav mesh runtime to dynamic, but it doesn’t seem to work. The crowd do not try to avoid the train at all.

You probably want an event dispatcher to tell your AI when the doors open and that they can go in. The best approach with “dumb” AI is to explicitly tell them when they can and cant do stuff.

Yes, I have notification from doors animation and that works. The problem is in collision with the train - NPC are not going through the door, but straight ahead and block on the train wall. I could do more waypoints to set the exact path, but shouldn’t Nav Mesh do the job for me?