Metric Vs Imperial a potential issue?


Is it possible to confirm that UV scale is affected by metric vs imperial?

We work with metric in Revit. When bringing in Data via techsmith into unreal, 100% of the time, all the textures tile really badly and often incredibly small.
It’s not fun or ideal hooking up TexCoord nodes to every texture with a scale of .254 (ie the converstion between the two systems).

Is it possible to confirm or get Techsmith data to properly scale textures from Revit? Thanks.

I think internally Revit must use Imperial when interally exporting because it does a terrible job with DWFX and other formats too.

Hi - you can set the “under the hood” units that Revit typically exports for DWG/FBX etc in your export option settings. Datasmith may pick up on some of these settings I’m not sure.

Thanks David, I couldn’t find any related settings but shall investigate further.

We noticed a problem with materials migrated from earlier releases of Revit into Revit 2020. New materials translated OK, and old materials didn’t. If you make a new material from scratch in Revit and apply it to the same object, do you still have the issue?