Methods with the same name as a component callback always called?

I had created a “HealthComponent” with a callback called “OnHealthChanged”. I then made a binding to the callback (in the CTOR, my bad) to the parent actor’s “OnHealthChanged” method. When I decided to move the binding to the BeginPlay() method I noticed that the callback was getting called twice. I then decided to remove all binding calls and yet the call is still going through. This happened on two different actors that had the same pattern and the only solution has been to rename the callbacks to something unique (IE CB_OnHealthChanged() or the like).

Is this normal?

OK, I’m thinking it has to do with the CTOR code not getting refreshed even if I do a “Clean + Rebuild” in VS. Is there a way to clear the BP cache? I think the BP’s are still using the old CTOR to init the object. :-/