Methods to use for Planets + Space?


I was wondering what the best tools or stuff I should look into for creating a space exploration game. I wanted to have multiple large levels while being able to travel between them seamlessly. The best and simplest comparison I can make is something akin to Empyrion.

I’ve heard of level streaming, world composition, etc, but I don’t know which methods I should be using. It sounds like I want to use world composition for large levels but was wondering if I could still transition to other levels (ie Ground → Space → Other planet ground) using world composition.

world composition wouldnt really work for what your looking to do. as for level streaming, you could make it work but it would be complex and you would have many restrictions. also with level streaming the things that you would have to do to get it work out would create a situation where using separate levels would accomplish the same thing and be easier.

for example you could have one part of the total levels as the space zone and when you approached a planet a cinematic would play of atmospheric entry and while thats playing you would set the player location to a area that was hidden which contains the ground level. you would have to do it this way unless you play to create a complete explore-able sphere as the planet (which would be difficult, wouldnt work well as a game, and probably would fail hardware wise.).

now having this cinematic transition would work but at that point you may as well just have separate levels so its easier from a dev point of view.

So basically it is possible but wont be easy. Also im not familiar with the empyrion game so i cant really comment there. I was picturing a large expansive area (for Space) with many planets not procedurally generated.