Methods of getting flat surfaces such as beams and columns appear flat?


I’m trying to create a 3D model out of a construction site with RC. The object is to create an educational virtual model for construction engineering students of support structure of a super market. The natural surroundings of the model turn out just great, but the built environment does not. The beams and columns of the steel structure appear distorted. Is there any way to fix this phenomenon? Some way of enhancing flat surfaces?

Example photo:

3D model:


This is a tricky area, and hard to capture. You could try reconstruction in high detail, but this takes a very long time so definitely reconstruct a test area first. Part of the issue is that the shots are too far away to get a detailed mesh here, and also that because the structure is white it is over-exposed in the photos which means that any features on the surface have been blown out. So you could go back and take another layer of photos closer to the structure, and less exposed say -3EV from the current ones, but that wouldn’t guarantee a perfect structure, but should improve, and if the photos are exposed differently you may need to use some control points to get those pics into the main alignment. The other option would be to export your model into a 3d program and use it as a guide to model the structure, then bring the model back into RC for texturing.  

Thank you, Wallace! That is what I expected. There may be no trick at all to make those beams appear even and straight. The bright white color is difficult one, and even though the photo shooting day was cloudy and the morning was foggy (several flights were carried out from morning until afternoon with several methods, zigzag, grid, circular, etc.) and the photos shot during foggy weather appeared best. The structure itself was the actual target here, and the environment just an environment, and therefore it is a bit disappointing to see the result as it is. Actually I already started remodeling the steel structure in a 3D software, as it would be quite easy to copy the objects in exact places, but decided to ask if anyone had a clue how to achieve a better model. It would be great to be able to select a volume in the sparse point cloud, where the software would try to enhance straight and flat surfaces… 


have you tried reconstructing a small area in high detail? I think the holy grail for BIM photogrammetry would be a program that could align simple primitives to the mesh. hopefully one day.