Methods of conveying story in video games

Hi all,
I’m looking for ways to convey story in a video game from a low budget perspective. Any opinion will be accepted.
My game is a FPS in the vain of Bioshock in terms of player abilities with a few extras, like teleportation and some vampire powers.

In that respect, I think written dialog is out since it slows gameplay. I’m thinking of using the Half-Life 2 method which I thought was cool.
I even think of using it during boss monologues, where the player can shoot the baddy to skip the cutscene.
You can just interrupt the speech or get a free hit for extra damage, but it will **** off the baddy to a furious state!!

I can try to find some voice actors, but maybe a “show, don’t tell” method would benefit my game.

I’m open to suggestions and brainstorming.

Thank you.

If the game is reliant on story use spoken dialogue.

The “show, don’t tell” method is good for a small, quick game.

For a full-fledged release that has the player performing actions, spoken dialogue is better.

~ Jason

Cutscenes are a good way to tell a story -> but many players dont like them + they are pretty difficult to create

  • spoken dialogue, because it feels more alive (when you just write the text, the player just reads and cant hear any emotions) :slight_smile:


~ Jason