Methods for Auto-Generating Animated Foliage

Greetings! I’ve been playing with techniques for populating foliage on my landscape using a Landscape Grass Output Node that calls various “landscape grass types”. Everything works great for static meshes, e.g. auto-generating grass on my grass layer, stone on my stone layer, etc…


The issue is I’m adding foliage to an alien world where the animated movements on the foliage is more pulsing and not anything I can accomplish though a SimpleGrassWind node.

I’ve imported my grass that pulses on loop through a blend-space loop in a Blueprint which works fine…but I’m not sure how to:

A) Auto generate this animated Skeletal Mesh Blueprint on my landscape, and even further on specific Material Function Calls and target layers

B) Just paint this animated mesh using a blueprint brush in general. I created a blueprint brush with the mesh inside but can’t figure out how to use it (UE5)


Aside from these, what are the best practices for creating animated foliage?