Method to Madness seeking 3d Artist and Animator for story centric Horror Project

Hello everyone ,

I’m a long-time lurker of this forum, and currently I’m in need for a few extra personal for my team.

Method to Madness Studios (of which I am the Co-Founder) has been working on a survival horror project for the past two years. A more apt term for its genre would be a story-centric first-person horror experience. We are currently approaching towards a pre-alpha stage but we need to get a lot more done. I am the narrative designer for the project and let me make this perfectly clear , I am not the idea guy. By a 3d artist we are looking for someone who is proficient in hard surface modeling (character modeling is a +). As an animator, you should be proficient with key-frame animation in Maya and basic knowledge of rigging and Human IK.
As the flair tells you , this a Rev-Share project. We would be hitting a Kickstarter campaign sometime in early 2017. I understand most of you here would always have concerns with a Rev-Share project. We wouldn’t have opted for it if we weren’t certain about our plan to get this done.

This is our website. You can view all details regarding the project over there :

Interested folks can send me a PM or mail me at . If anyone of you is interested in the project , do reach out and I’d be glad to answer any further query you have.

PS : this is our launch trailer. :slight_smile:

Hey guys . Bumping this. Still looking for people !

Hey guys ! We still are looking for 3d Animators ! Bumping this thread again !