MetaSounds is not receiving the Stop Signal from Previous/Another

I was trying to make transitional music system for the main menu, so that when I’m leaving the Title Screen, the music transitions to Loop Start part, which then to Looping Part, once it’s finished. Problem is, the MetaSound is not receiving the Stop signal from another when it’s played. What’s missing or what am I doing wrong there?


Think I didn’t made myself a bit clear yet.

I am designing a transitional music system for both menu and gameplay consisting of this set up:

Title Loop > Menu Loop Start > Menu Loop

Start > Kick-Start (Waits for the Start Part to end, or plays prematurely, Stopping the Start Part, when for ex. enemies spot you) > Loop > End

I set up the first MetaSound Source for Title Menu Loop, with input that stops playing the Title Menu Loop when it’s called from another MetaSound Source, that starts playing the Main Menu Loop.

These MetaSound assets are put into Sound Global Variables inside the Game Instance.

The Title Loop plays as soon as the Play Sound 2D node in Title Widget is Executed.

But when the same node in there (Play Sound 2D) is executed, after exiting the Title Menu, which starts playing the Main Menu Loop, the Title Menu Loop MetaSound instead of Stopping (Receiving Stop Input from Main Menu Loop MetaSound Source), keeps on playing along with it. And I don’t want that.