Metasound restarts everytime I try to do something quantized

Hey guys,

I’m working on a Metasound that’s a piece of background musikc.

The music has an intro, then a part that continuously loops. However, when the player goes to a certain part of the game, I have an input in the metasound that stops the main loop, plays a little transitional piece, then moves to a different loop that plays nonstop. The inputs themselves work just fine.

The trick is that I’d like this transition to happen on beat. So I set up a Quartz Clock to handle this.

Now, the only way I can see to do anything quantized is with a Play Quantized node. But when I connect the metasound as the target, it just–as the node states–plays it again from the beginning instead of executing the trigger input I have set up for the transition.

Is there something besides a Play Quantized node that I can use to do something ELSE quantized without playing the sound from the start?


I think I found my solution (partially)

In order to trigger something on beat without actually playing something, use the “Subscribe to Quantization Event” node.

However, it seems the Quartz Clock WILL NOT start within the Game Instance… It just won’t and I do not know why. xD