MetaSound (Preview 1) Useability Feedback

  1. Allow Sound Wave assets to be dragged from the Content Browser and dropped onto both the MetaSound Graph (creating a new Wave Player node) as well as the Wave Asset slot of the Wave Player node. At the moment, neither is possible, which slows the workflow down.

  2. Allow Wave Assets to be previewed directly on the Wave Player node. If you click on the Wave Asset dropdown, you can preview the Wave Assets in there. However if you want to preview the currently selected Wave Asset, you have to find it in that dropdown list. Ideally, there should be a small play button next to the Wave Asset slot on the Wave Player node to allow quick preview of the selected sound.

  3. If possible, allow the number of channels on a mixer to be adjustable. At the moment you have to choose a mixer with the number of channels you need. However if you realise you need another channel, you have to delete that mixer, bring in a new one with more channels and reconnect all the pins. For example, some Blueprint nodes have an “Add Pin” button on them, that allows you to add another input pin for whatever that node does. It would be better if mixers had this same functionality. Then you can just have a single mono and stereo mixer nodes rather than the 8 mono and stereo mixer nodes you have now.