MetaSound into MetaSound

First, MetaSounds is absolutely amazing so far. Please continue to invest development time here!

That said, is there a way to input a metasound into another metasound? Similar to the “Wave Player” node? Would be great for organization, recycling basic sound building blocks, and saving dev time.

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  1. Metasounds for me are the biggest revolution on UE5, it turn the engine into a modular monster synthesizer. Its really amazing.

  2. One Request: Please able LFO TYPE and SCALE to be changeble at audio runtime.

  3. I did the AMAZING tutorial on the documentation, and after tweaking the detune to 12 or 24 I got this type of sound:

Simply amazing, congratulations guys

I think it is possible by using the “Send”, “Receiver” nodes.


Perhaps you need to install additional libraries? I have not found such an option.

Nope, not yet.

MetaSound composition and a Preset system are in the works as we speak! We ended up having to scope it out of the Early Access release because it’s quite a bit of work. However, it’s been on the roadmap since day one!

We’ll be posting videos when it’s functional and ready to demo. We’re absolutely excited about the potential of MetaSounds to improve workflow. Right now the MetaSound graphs need to be unique and non-instances and we don’t have Sub-graph support. It’s coming!

The way it’ll work is there will be a new asset type which is just a MetaSound (vs MetaSound Source, which actually plays audio). The MetaSound type will have arbitrary input and output nodes and will be able to be placed within a MetaSound graph as if it was a C++ node and have input/output pins. You’ll be able to “compose” your MetaSounds into reusable parts, build out a MetaSound library, share them with others (via content in plugins), etc. I’m imagining a new world of sharing audio patches and content in the Marketplace, etc.

It’s also very easy to extend the MetaSound node API via plugins. MetaSounds itself is in a plugin and all our nodes are implemented in a Plugin.

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Thank you! And I agree that MetaSounds have huge potential.

I’d love to see a video of your MetaSound! Please post!! :smiley: