Metallic, Roughness and Occlusion material inputs disabled in mobile

Hi everyone,

We are in the process of porting our game to Nintendo Switch, which requires using rendering settings typical of mobile, forward rendering, mobile preview in the editor, etc.

One of our materials is giving us a headache because it seems to make the game crash on the console as soon as it is used by a single actor on the scene. It is a relatively simple material, we’ve checked the Rendering Features for Mobile docs, and there are no errors shown in the Platform Stats window nor when compiling the material.

While digging around, we have noticed that if we turn on Preview State > Mobile, all the nodes connected to inputs Metallic, Roughness and Occlusion are disabled. If we connect the chain of nodes to a different output such as Base Color, they stay enabled. What could be the reason for this? According to the docs, all three inputs are supported in Mobile Forward Rendering.

The material is a Surface, Opaque, Default Lit with nothing fancy going on other than, perhaps, the rim light.

Here are some screenshots:

Coordinates, base color and emissive:

ORM and normals

Rim light:

(last output connects to “Color Composition” rightmost Add node, which is connected to the Emissive input).

Material details:

Also, if you have any idea of what could be making the material crash on Switch, that would be super useful :slight_smile:

Thank you!