Metal melt simulation in unreal

Hi Guys,

I need to create a simulation for welding metals in Unreal, something like this:
I wanted to use Houdini that in not possible to create controllable Mesh in Unreal

What is your suggestion?

Be more precise, describe what you really want.

Because there is simulation that calculates how everything looks and works, then it shows it.
And there is “simulation” that you fake some effects to look like they are simulated.

So you want unreal to show results of simulation, or you want make fake effect that looks like welding.

Its just fake effect.

There is a spark at the tip of the electrode and on the surface I just need to see the melt that moves by electrode. after moving electrode the melt must be freeze.

This melt must be a Mesh, there is any way to make it in unreal ?

Can it be done woth combination of armature and physics ?

You could generate a mesh using the procedural mesh component, I would personally handle this in the material domain using render targets:

Thank you, I think this is the only solution.

Could also just use a material with a world position offset and control the effect through parameters or vertex painting or a texture.