Metal material

Hey everyone, so i have been following tutorial to set up metal material and sadly there wasnt much luck. I have followed tutorial 100% exactly repliacating nodes and textures acording to PBR standard (from Marmoset), and yet metal just looks black and dark. I tried to play with values changing specs and gloses textures forth and back and it just didnt get it to bright shining metal like the one on tutorial.
This is tutorial:

Is it possible something is wrong with shading due to my mid end laptop?

Here are my textures(metal texture is not included, but i did made it properly so dont wory about that-green color for defining metal on mesh):

Could someone perhaps aswell post their textures on metal material, i would appretiate.

You are following a Specular/Glossiness workflow?

First off, the roughness (glossiness in your case) is off. The darker, the more shiny. Therefor the wooden handle is already more shiny than the metal itself.
Second, if you are testing in an empty level you should also place an sphere reflection capture actor nearby in order to get the reflections on the surfaces.
Third, posting a screen of what you get in engine might help better.

Oh darn ofcourse, reflections.

Actually i am following mixed workflow(approach as you can see from material. It defines spec,gloss and metal texture as opose of default spec/gloss workflow that doesnt use metal tex, or default metal workflow that doesnt use spec tex.