Metal heads

Hi everyone.

I’ve been wanting to show stuff off on here for a long time now, but never really could show off anything, I was too scared to, but over that time, I have overcome that fear, and I want to show you all a game I’ve been working on for since start of 2018 called Metal Heads.

Metal Heads is a crazy, action packed party game where up to 8 of you and your friends go head to head in a series of challenging, but fun mini-games.
Currently featuring over 15 mini-games, multiple board game modes, character customization, mini-game and board game level editors, with much more content to come post-launch.
Metal Heads aims to give you an all round party game experience that will never leave you wanting more and make you want to come back to it for years to come.

The game is scheduled to be released in 2020.

*** 8 Player local and online, or a combination of both.** (currently it is just local multiplayer, I will do online before launch)
*** 30+ Mini-games at launch** (15-16 currently with about 18 extra prototypes that look like white-box levels, but have functionality to be somewhat playable. Mini-games are designed in a way that they are all shared screen, no split screen mini-games should exist at all. And all mini-games should cater to different skill sets so a person who’s better at platforming may win in a platforming mini-game, but maybe not be as strong as someone else in a game of a memory or reaction time)
*** Multiple board game modes and board game types** (Currently there is just the classic board game mode where players roll a dice and do a platforming sequence to move to their next destination, however later, I will introduce other board game modes that are inspired by some of the more popular board games out there.)
*** Character customization** (Currently players can choose character heads and colours, however eventually it will be limbs too, and a more in depth character creation tool for those who want to spend some more time making their own specialized character)
*** Mini-game editor and Board game editor.** (Currently this is in a very early version, but I want players to be able to create their own mini-game maps, AND to create their own board game maps using assets from the game without having to rely on opening up a scary editor outside of the game. I also want players to be able to share those maps online).
*** Metal Music or Party Music** (It wouldn’t be called Metal Heads without metal music, but not everyone likes it, so I will have non-metal music hopefully done before launching the game)
*** All skill, almost no randomization** (I cannot stand when games put luck and chance into something competitive, it’s very frustrating to be winning, then the game decides to mess things up with random chance, or a catch up mechanic that means it’s better to lose at everything until the end).

Metal Heads is made by one person.
It has been in development since the start of 2018 and has been developed in my free time outside of my day job.
Previously I have worked on many other personal projects, which have all been great learning experiences, but I never really finished them, so figured I would work on a party game, something I absolutely love and have always wanted to make.
I grew up playing party games and always loved the sense of togetherness that they bring, but always found them lacking certain features that would make them great, so I took upon the task of scrapping a 2 year project that would never get finished, to work on Metal Heads, and now my dream of becoming a game developer is finally becoming a reality.


TRAILER: [OLD] Metal Heads - Alpha Trailer - YouTube

STEAM: Metal Heads on Steam

Sorry to double post…but i’m super excited and want to tell people about this.


This is super exciting and makes it all feel very real to me now, to be able to go and show my game off to thousands of people just blows my mind.