Metal Gear Solid Anyone...

For me one of the most memorable series, starting with Metal Gear Solid Tactical Espionage Action in 1996 (I think that was the year) for the Playstation. Everything about those games was incredible and still is. The story, the unique aspects of gameplay throughout the series, the music…everything was awesome. Hideo Kojima is a video game genius in my opinion. How do you guys feel about the game?


Its safe to say that Im quite obsessed with the Metal Gear series :slight_smile:

You feel it too?

~ Jason

MGS5 was the best . What a twist in the tale . Well my question is who is the Snake who is currently operating ? I have no idea about it as I have not played the older versions.

I only like the first version Metal Gear Solid Snake. I remember playing that around 1998. Was able to finish the game several times. From saving Meryl, Otacon, from defeating Pyscho Mantis, Raven, Liquid.

I liked the first ones;
From MGS3 forward, IMHO the game lost its soul, the guy didn’t want to work on Metal Gear anymore but did it forced by contract clauses…

Interesting opinion.

I’ll agree in regards to MGS4, but both PW and V definitely had a soul on par with MGS2.

~ Jason

V takes place before the events of Metal Gear (the predecessor to Metal Gear Solid).

MGS3 - PW (60’s - 70’s): Naked Snake

MGSV (80’s): Venom

MG, MG2, MGS, MGS2 (debatable), MGS4 (2000’s): Solid Snake

You should try and get your hands on the older games. No point in missing out on some of the best moments in gaming history.

Alternatively, if you can’t get into them due to their age or just can’t get your hands on them, try KefkaProductions videos on the series:

~ Jason

a good suggestion thnx and yes Happy New Year

Check out: ArtStation - Raiden From Metal Gear Rising.