Metal Fence-SplineEnabled [Submitted] [$5]

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This asset contains a spline based approach to metal fencing. It includes:

  • 2 end pole types
  • 3 vertical rail configurations
  • 5 vertical rail cap variations
  • 10 horizontal rail configurations
  • Custom metal rail spacing
  • RGB value exposed for easy metal color change
  • Exposed materials for quick changes
  • Over 100 visually unique metal fences
  • 36-1500 triangles
  • $5


Voted again … looks good. 8-}

sold again

Again, I much appreciate it!!

Where i buy?

same pack but additional assets included.

Thank you X.E.R.T.

In addition here is the specific support thread: Hostile Assets Support Thread

Bought it.

Works great excellent price.

I am glad to hear!