Metahumans won't download, stuck on generating

I just create 2 test metahumans and when I’m trying to download by clicking the small circle in the top right corner it shows a green loader and seems to get stuck. I don’t get a percentage or anything, I think I left it running up to 1h and nothing, doesn’t seem to be downloading at all.

Has someone else experienced this or solved the issue ?

I Have the same issue, and I think it have something to do with a message that appears every time I enter Quixel Bridge “An update to the Bridge plugin is avaliable…”, but in the EPIC launcher it doesn’t show any option to update it.

If possible, try pausing it. Then restarting it again.

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just stop and restart generation, will take a second but wont lose progress

I found that, for some reason, updating to the latest NVidia drivers, and restarting, and everything worked perfectly.