MetaHumans without textures in Maya

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When exporting MetaHumans into Autodesk Maya, you might experience textures missing from your MetaHuman.

As a workaround, in Maya, make sure you have DirectX 11 set as your Rendering engine. You can do this by going to Windows > Settings/Preferences > Display > Viewport 2.0 then set DirectX 11 as the Rendering engine from there.



What to do on macOS?

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I have another problem, I see this for the first time; a Metahuman character in Maya where the bust detached from the body? Any help? Thanks


There are several causes that could cause this issue: The viewport is not in the correct Display Setting . Use Default Material is enabled. The texture is not accurately assigned or corrupted (broken).

Under the File Attributes box in the Attribute Editor there is a field called Image Name, with a blank square and a folder similar to a typical folder icon. Left click the icon to bring up the File Browser to choose a texture. Common texture types include JPG, PNG, TARGA and TIFF.