MetaHumans without textures in Maya

Hi everyone,

When exporting MetaHumans into Autodesk Maya, you might experience textures missing from your MetaHuman.

As a workaround, in Maya, make sure you have DirectX 11 set as your Rendering engine. You can do this by going to Windows > Settings/Preferences > Display > Viewport 2.0 then set DirectX 11 as the Rendering engine from there.



What to do on macOS?

Hi, there I just have a Nice Workaround which will work even for Machines Without Directx11 like my cousin´s one that I am using you will have to Download Autodesk Maya 2020, Quixel Bridge (this tutorial is assuming you have all your desired metahumans in Quixel Bridge with Login in Quixel Bridge, and also Downloaded your Metahumans and Correctly configured the Export and Download settings) Then, you will have to download a megascan to the Bridge with Maya Opened to make sure the Maya 2020 will find the Megascans Plugin. Following these Tutorials might help better than me explaining here.

Search for these Youtube Video Titles to get help.