Metahumans - underwear

Hello there!

Do you guys know how to remove underwear from the Metahumans? For clothes purposes those underwear are not very convenient. And the issue is that the underwear are painted on the body materials…argh

Thank you in advance for your help!


Not really? If it’s a part of the model/texture then you’ll need to change the model. You could edit the textures yourself if you feel like painting in a bum etc, but the geometry will be incorrect as well. It was designed with underwear and so removing them is going to be non-trivial.

It’s possible, I went into the shader and repainted the relevant parts… you also have to repaint the normals. Sadly I’m not by my machine but a cut and paste in photoshop on the maps actually wasn’t too bad… the tricky bit is identifying where in the shader to swap out the maps.