metahumans stuck at 100%

I hope someone can help

for days now I cant download a metahuman to a project, it hangs endlessly at 100%
ive tried everything i can find online, setting permissions of folders to running unreal as admin etc, disabling antivirus and firewall, but nothing seems to help.
can anybody advise?
im on windows 11 latest, unreal 5.4.1


Can you post a video or link to a video showing the attempt?

There are so many things that could go wrong that trying to guess without more information is inefficient.

Im not sure what you need to see exactly? in the quixel bridge plugin, it hangs at 100%, the downloading button doesnt change to “downloaded” and I cant add the metahuman to a project.

seems like im not the only one.
Ive had to use this tool:

its a shame to have to do this though, the standalone bridge works fine, but you cant download ue5 metahumans with it…anyway at least with this tool, days of frustration have subsided, if anyone has a clue what could be stopping the download complete id love to know!