metahumans stopped working maya 2019

Bridge exporter doesn’t work with maya 2019 and even my older project files that I was able to make short films with no longer work properly, the face controls don’t work and the textures don’t load… :frowning:

when i try to export new MH characters to maya, it says successful but nothing opens in maya no rig no character just says exported successfully but then nothing. :frowning:

i’m using latest plugins from bridge, tried manually installing and no luck…any ideas? it worked before, now it just stopped.

i also don’t see the bridge plug-in listed in mayas plug-in settings. it was there before, now it isn’t.

i fixed it…i had a corrupt User account on windows so I was using a local account and that caused all the issues. i did a clean install of windows to get my user account fixed and it’s working again. just in case anyone runs to a similar issue.

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