MetaHumans in Mobile


I am trying to get a metahuman to appear in mobile VR. I managed to build it all out but for some reason the human appears as only legs and hangs, no torso or head is visible if running on mobile, if I run it in preview it works properly, any ideas what might be the cause of this?

Just a guess: check optimisation settings and bounds of skeletal mesh components.

fairly new to unreal engine so Im not sure but I believe I checked that

I found answer in the documentation: MetaHumans | Unreal Engine Documentation

Running on Mobile and Console Platforms

Using a MetaHuman on console and mobile devices requires some additional configuration to work.

On Mobile:

You’ll need to add Compat.Max_GPUSKIN_BONES=75 to the DefaultEngine.ini configuration file located in your Project’s Config folder. This command needs to be added under the [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] section.

came across that too and tried it with no success… might make a fresh project and try just that though since I messed with pretty much everything I could find so far…

update: I imported a different metahuman and got different results:

now only the face/head is missing, im guessing something is messed up with either meshes or materials when trying to launch on mobile cause if i simulate it on pc it works properly… any suggestions on what to look for?