MetaHuman's hair does not show up in a package for Linux created with version 4.27


I have created a project using MetaHuman on Windows.

I cross-compiled it on Windows and created a shipping package for Linux.

As a result of running it on Ubuntu 20.04, the hair and eyebrows are not drawn.

If anyone is experiencing the same problem or knows how to debug this issue, could you please let me know what it is?

This problem did not occur in version 4.26 of the Unreal Engine, and only occurred in 4.27.

I am not good at English and used automatic translation.
Thank you for reading.

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Hey Yabuki,

I came upon the same issue, except I am working only in 4.27.2 so your info about this working in 4.26 surprised me. At first I thought the Groom/HairStrands are just not supported under Linux/Vulkan, as there is just no information out there.

So, did you by any chance managed to make it work in 4.27?

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Same problem on ue5-release-engine-test branch.

I am using Unreal 5.0.1 and this issue happens to me as well, but it only occurs when I build for Linux in shipping option, when building in development mode it works fine, anyone find a solution yet?

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Hey there,

We had a similar issue as well and I asked on UDN and was able to get the issue resolved. I’ve shared the answer in another post: Metahuman Groom/HairStrands on Linux/Vulkan - #2 by victor.yuen

Hopefully this helps people on here as well