Metahumans, control rig and packaging bug

I have a strange bug with Metahumans and UE5.02. When packaging a project Metahuman’s Control rig doesn’t work then I animate using SetControlFloat etc, in both BP and C++. Obviously, it’s working in “play in editor” and standalone play modes. I also can’t see any error messages or diagnostics to help me debug it. I’ve also checked it with a fresh project (UE5 MH lightning) with only one metahuman and simple BP that changes one of the face CR controls. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what may be wrong?


Bug is still here. But for now for procedural animation I just swithed to AnimBP, which worked well in packaged game.
Hope this bug will be fixed anyway.

Bug still here. Is it only me who did encounter this bug?
There’s issue not only with MH control rig, it’s with any CR.


I also encountered this problem. Control rig is working in “play in editor” and “launch game”, but not after packaging. In a packaged game, I printed the bone transforms and found they changed, but the skeletal mesh has no change.

same issue
fixed it by changing editor language and editor locale to english

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Control rig “On Pre Initialize” event not called in blueprint after launch. And I connect the executing code to BeginPlay and it works. Guess optimized by the compiler but I did not check the code.

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[quote=“yangshuyun, post:4, topic:588636”]
also encountered this problem.
[/quote]Same Problem. I package the game for mobile with custom control rig but get red errors.

I have the same issue in 5.1

thank you very much.
I confirmed,

fixed it by changing editor language and editor locale to english

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What is your UE version, your Visual Studio version, and how do you set your packing settings?

I also encountered this issue. After changing the editor language, the initial position of the control is correct, but Forwards Solve does not work.