Metahumans, Character Creation and Morph Targets

So like many people in the community; I am blown away with the Metahumans tool - it is a huge step up in the character creation segment of the industry. However, as excited as I am for its release - I am a realist, so I decided to play around with the demo a bit and a few points came to mind.

  1. The Morph Targets for the Metahumans do not seem intuitive enough to use them in a character creation system where the player customises their character in-game (Similar to alot of open world RPGs). Do we know if there is another way to do this? or is this perhaps a point for feedback?

  2. It will be interesting to see how flexible the system is with creating more fantasy-like characters such as Elves or Orcs. Simple things like changing the skin colour to green and advanced sculpting of the ears, cheekbones etc. (I know this goes against the actual name of the tool - MetaHUMANS!)

  3. I am curious to see how well this performs in-game where you have; say, around 20 metahumans walking around in 1 spot

Anyway, these are just a few points that came to mind and I would be interested to see if anyone had any comments on them. I suppose we will have to wait for the release of the tool before we can really answer these questions, but it does not hurt to think about these things now.

Really excited for the release; and to see the future of this tool!

For point 3: I’m currently retargeting a metahuman to als4 C++ fork and also a whooooll bunch of animations and mocap. ill post a vid here when it’s done. Currently dealing with it’s broken fingers though.

Can I ask if and where you saw any (working) Morph targets? I see hundreds of targets listed, but moving the slider moves not a single vertex in the character, ,none of them do a thing. They are like dummy targets or something?

Any info greatly appreciated!