Metahuman's baking to control rig error

When I bake animation to control rig, the metahuman become bigger.
Even there are no animation, it became bigger.
Anyone know how to fix it?

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You could try re applying the body mesh in the blueprint, I had this issue where the body mesh would change anytime I added something to the sequencer, it wasn’t getting big but changing the mesh on the leges. Open the blueprint and under the body section dont the skeletal mesh, search for in and then drag the same one back in, this fixed it for me but would have to do it quite frequently, you have to actually drag it in also, just reapplying doesn’t work. Let me know if that helps.

I’ve recreated your problem with male tall, also with the female small which shrinks the body. Female Medium is fine, I’m guessing something to do with the skeleton possibly but I don’t know how to fix it.

It happens when you bake the animation sequence and then apply that animation sequence to either another MH or the same MH. Reapplying the body mesh does make it back to the correct size but as soon as you move a frame it either gets big or small again depending what size you’re using.

You might have to stick with the Medium for now.

Does anyone else know what’s causing this?


Oh also tried male medium which has the same problem. Looks like just the female medium is ok so far.

It doesn’t happen on Unreal 4.26.
Maybe it’s bug of Unreal 4.27


Hello, I have the same error and it is a big problem as it prevents me to clean some mocap. Any hint on how to fix this ? It is just impossible to work if the rig scales up everytime we bake to control rig.

To explain the problem a bit better, here is a capture :

On the left a metahuman based on the female medium normal weight which is the default character. I apply mocap on it, and bake it to control rig, everything works fine.
On the right, a metahuman based on male tall underweight. If I apply the same mocap, it works fine. Then I bake to control rig, and it does scale the whole model up (red circle on picture). It looks like it applies the difference between the default template and the male tall template AGAIN when baking.

Any help would be really appreciated as I can’t find a way to clean my mocap with this bug.

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Same issue here. Any way to fix this? Is the Control Rig defaulting to the Tall skeleton?

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Did you check out the retarget settings for the rig?

EDIT: OK. So I was going to report another issue. But apparently mine looks the same actually. 4.27 and the rig is correctly retargeted according to the docs.

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still facing the same issue does anybody have the solution for this problem ??

The solution is likely that the skeleton’s structure needs adjustment. You can find more about this here: How to Fix Distorted Metahumans - YouTube

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